Spam is Killing!
Research has shown that over 80% of mail employees receive in their offical mailbox is nothing but spam. Employees waste 30 seconds for deleting each spam mail. If they receive 60 spam mail a day (which is the norm), then every employee is wasting 30 minutes!
Thus, a lot of productivity is wasted. It is conservatively estimated by International research report that fifty man organization wastes over 200 man days in a year owing to spam. That's lot of time wasted and you can easily prevent it.
Our SpamFree Services helps you say NO! to spam.
Our SpamFree services blocks spam mail at our server before they reach your organization. This means we cut 99% of spam. This saves time, improves employee productivity and helps you save band- width. Our service is extremely reliable and is trusted by leading Corporates.
How does it work?
Internet mail headed to your organization are first received by our AntiSpam server. The only role of our Antispam server is to check every mail for spam and virus. It does this, using some of the most advanced algorithm and multi level checks.  Only those mail that are not spam and are free from virus are then sent to your Organization.
Our software is so advanced, that it learns and updates itself regularly. This ensures that even the most persistent spammer cannot fool our server. It is a hosted solution, which means there is no software to be installed or maintained at your end.
How do I get Started?
It is a hosted solution and is really simple to get started. Just give us a call and we will ensure your Organization is free from Spam and your employees spend time productively
No expensive software to be installed at your end
No expensive changes to be made
No need to change your existing service provider
No need for maintenance or training at your end
We just need to change MX pointers and you are ready to say NO! to spam
Give us a call on +91 22 4123 4387 / 88 /89 and we will ensure that your Organization is free from the menace of spam.
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