You can outsource the entire messaging infrastructure to us.

Our messaging solution provides following benefits :
1. All messaging are bought under one corporate domain name (Eg.
2. All the employees of the organization can create and use their own email identities like (e.g. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with their individual password protected email boxes.
3. All the email boxes are protected with Symantec Live Carrier Scan Antivirus. With this feature all the emails and attachments are primarily scanned on the server level so that the possibilities of virus infections spreading into your machines are almost nullified.
4. Users can also setup their own auto reply, vacation message and email forwarder.
5. Every user has a facility to receive the emails via POP3 enabled email client (like Outlook/Outlook Express) and also through web mail.
6. Most importantly, we offer 99% uptime and 24 X 7 dedicated support